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L’œuvre musicale contemporaine à l’épreuve du concept


Creation is lived and examined from the point of view of an interrogation. With this intention, we leave iterative speech by using an element external at the beginning from its context: the concept. Four simultaneously autonomous and complementary parts give four types of variation. The first part of a variation is based on two concepts; border and apogee, each concept being associated with singular problems examined chapter by chapter. The second part comprises of three variations on the same concept, that of presence. The third, binary variations, tries to define two concepts in music - chance and determinism - thanks to recollections related to the history of sciences and the last part, variation on the variation, more specifically introduced the concept of musical creation, on the basis of a synthesis of the three other parts. The topics of border or apogee were selected in collaboration with the Multi-field Laboratory of Research on the Imaginary in Literature (L.A.P.R.I.L.), others correspond to personal choices in relation to the object of this reflection.

Publication : 2006 - Availability : Immediate - ISBN : 2-916519-01-7

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Disponible Décembre 2006

Trajectoire oblique - Pour une expérience de l'écriture musicale et de la recherche


Stephane de Gérando allows us to share his experiment in musical writing and research. Presented as a newspaper in the shape of an opened book, “Oblique Trajectoire” tackles such diverse subjects as the description of the processes which form the act of writing or reflections on the relationship between new technologies and musical composition. Several levels of reading are proposed, with the possibility of approaching the chapters independently according to the desire and specific knowledge of the reader.


Publication : 2006 - Availability : Immediate- 178 pages - ISBN : 2-916519-00-9

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