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The icarEnsemble

With an international level in sight, the icarEnsemble gathers young but professional musicians who choose to get a special rigour and such a virtuosity with the contemporary musical creations.

The icarEnsemble is also familiarized with new studio technologies - computers and real time sound and image processing - and choose new ways of dialogue between the musician and the audience, between virtuality and reality. The mobile studio concept of 3icar give a quick adaptation to all type of architecture and acoustic conditions (concert and conference halls, museums, school establishments, outdoors events, unusual places).


Mail to icarEnsemble (concert estimates, spectacles, pedagogical actions, records)

For all concert suggestions, pedagogical actions, records (CDs, CD-ROM, demos, etc...) or training actions, please adress your order to 3icar@3icar.com with a full description of your demand. An estimate will be sent back to you. 3icar's actions respond to a contractually defined mission statement.

e-mail : 3icar@3icar.com
Telephone : +33(0) 874 494 941
Spectacle licence : n° 315597

Contact for the press

e-mail : 3icar@3icar.com

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