3icar (International Institute of Innovation, Artistic Creation and Research)

Composed of three sectors of activity – icarPublishing, icarEnsemble , and icarResearch - 3icar aims to develop innovation, creation and research in the musical domain, in France and abroad. The institute helps composers and researchers create their works and promote their research. 3icar also aims to encourage the careers of classic contemporary music interpreters and creates educational and training solutions, which are adapted to all kinds of people. 3icar collaborates with both public and private institutions.

Please address your order to devis@3icar.com (estimate) with a complete description of your needs for any order (concerts, creations, training and educational solutions, publications, sketches, recordings and discs, CD-ROMs, residences, co productions). An estimate will be sent back. 3icar's actions respond to a contractually defined mission statement.

Information 3icar


icarPublishing allows the online-purchase (secure payment by bank card) of partitions, books, discs, or CD-ROMs that are published by the publishing sector of 3icar.

Le paiement par carte bancaire se fait grâce au protocole SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) avec une longueur de clé de cryptage de 128 bits (niveau le plus élevé actuellement disponible sur le marché). Les achats sont réalisés à partir du catalogue d'icarEditions.

icarEnsemble & icarStudio

icarEnsemble gathers high level young musicians who are specialists in the ability to work with new technologies (icarStudio : real time sound and image, last generation and multi-track informatics studio). 3icar's equipment is entirely transportable depending on needs.

icarRecherche & icarPédagogie

Resting on the different activities of 3icar, the research sector has two goals. Firstly, to propose musicological works which are bound to the question of creation and innovation in art, particularly within the field of music. Secondly, to participate in the development of technological tools in relation to writing, music and multimedia projects. Along with icarResearch , 3icar proposes educational actions or training which is adapted to any kind of people. The contributors are chosen from among the specialists in their domains (musicologists, interpreters, scientists), framed by the different departments of 3icar and the educational experience of its members (such as the Ministry for the Arts and the Ministry of Education). 3icar proposes a playful and interactive education, to better grasp the creative issues of the 21st century.

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