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After a diploma in flute at the academy of music of Bordeaux (CNR) in the class of Samuel Coles, and in contemporary chamber music with Marie-Bernadette Charrier, she continued her musical studies in Paris at the Teacher training school of Music “Alfred Cortot” in the class of Pierre-Yves Artaud. She also studied at Raymond Guiot. Aurore Rivals has in particular worked with Philippe Bernold, Sophie Cherrier, George Alirol, Catherine Cantin, Juliette Hurel and Benoît Fromanger. She has taken part since January 2006 in the French Orchestra of Flutes under the direction of Pierre-Alain Biget in Paris and regularly features in the National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine. Since 2003, she has been responsible for a flute class at the School of Music of Arès. Parallel to her instrumental practice, Aurore Rivals is undertaking research on the work of Alain Bancquart (Master of Musicology in Paris IV Sorbonne under the direction of Danielle Cohen-Lévinas). Her thorough research is into the vocal writing of the typesetter, analyzed from the diachronic point of view, of “A memory of my death” (1976), “Five Known of by Jean-Claude Renard” (1986) and “Icare” (1997). The study is articulated around four large axes: firstly, the historiographic elements with the foundations and the heritage, secondly, the manner that Alain Bancquart is able to think of the music and the voice in liaison with the text, thirdly a utilisation of an analytical comment of the works and finally a synthesis which includes ideas of becoming and permanence.

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