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Permanence et devenir de l'écriture d'Alain Bancquart entre 1976 et 1997


This article defines the relations between text and music in the vocal piece of work by Alain Bancquart in the three pieces of work from A la mémoire de ma mort (1976) to Icare (1997).

The research has created two hypotheses: the first sees the evolution in writing of the composer, whereas the second underlines the presence of un-changeability, of recurrent elements that are present in the three pieces studied.

The evolution of writing style, especially through an evocation of prosodic techniques, and through the presence of figurativeness, show closer tangible relations between the word, its signification and musical symbolism. The “invariables” refer to the favourite themes of the author, to his attitude towards tradition, and to techniques of writing during the last 20 years.


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